To have a fast running site, you need to have a plain and well structured code. Inside the Control Panel, you can find a list of tools that will help you accelerate your website’s overall performance without needing to revise anything in the backend code. The Web Accelerator Applications – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js won’t only enable you to supply speedier streaming speeds to your site visitors and so minimize site exit percentage, but may also skyrocket your website higher in the search engine listings.

To work with the Web Accelerator Applications, simply just log into your Control Panel and produce an instance for the accelerator you like the most.


RAM–storing as an alternative to database calls

Should you have a busy database–operated website or web app, it may well have problems running quick for the customers as a result of the many different requests delivered to the data base. To help you eliminate the page running difficulty, we have incorporated the Memcached tool within the Control Panel.

Memcached is known as an effective distributed memory caching system, which caches data and also objects in the server’s RAM in order to avoid the data base from getting asked each time a customer loads a certain webpage. This way, your site pages will start quicker for customers and definately will raise the opportunity for them to return.

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RAM–saving instead of HTTP calls

You will find a lot of tips on how to hasten a website, but many of these require a programmer to redo the back–end code. Fortunately, there are more uncomplicated tools for accelerating a website, just like the Varnish web accelerator instrument included in Webeol Hosting’s Control Panel.

Varnish represents a caching HTTP reverse proxy, which keeps HTTP calls within the RAM and returns them to the customer as an alternative for waiting for the hosting server to send them. Tests prove that using Varnish on a web site or a web app normally accelerates delivery times with a 300 – 1000x factor. Varnish may also be tweaked how to handle incoming requests – whether they ought to be returned by Varnish, by the server, and so on.

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A great way to generate scalable apps

If you need to make a web app, be certain to have the equipment you’ll need accessible at once, without having to browse, arrange and set them up. Webeol Hosting’s Control Panel could save you both the time and energy, by offering you the resources you will want right close at hand.

The Node.js software will allow for programmers, regardless of whether they are pros or otherwise, to build up adaptable network applications and sites. It is powered by the Google V8 JavaScript engine along with the libUV. Node.js takes advantage of an event–driven, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light–weight as well as productive, good for data–intensive live apps running across distributed devices.

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